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Many parrots suffer adversity and isolation at the hands of breeders or owners who no longer want to care for them. At BOPS we identify parrots that we believe would thrive in a home-based environment with an abundance of love and human companionship. One of our core values is to find people for birds (and not the other way around), and accordingly our experienced staff works with each prospective adopter to find the most compatible bird that will bond with you and your family.


Our companion parrot adoption success is directly related to our practice of having prospective adopters visit our sanctuary for bonding, re-socialization, evaluation and screening. But we must advise that parrots are challenging to care for and no matter how beautiful they are, how much they seem to like you, or how much you want one--you must be willing to make the constant sacrifices necessary to care for a parrot in captivity.

Adoption Success Stories

  • Hyatt and Nathan
    Hyatt and his new Dad Nathan
  • Ellie got a new family
    Ellie Picked the Lambird Family!
  • Tiamet Got a New Family
    Tiamet Got a New Family
  • Wyatt and Skittles are Constant Companions Now
    Wyatt and Skittles are Constant Companions Now

If You are Interested in adopting a companion bird


This is the most important component in our adoption program. We want to get to know you, but most importantly, we need our birds to get to know you. Building a strong, trusting relationship between human and bird is essential and watching this process is how we assess if you are a compatible companion for one of our parrots. An average adoption will take 2+ months of visitation.


Not all of our birds are adoptable, and some require much more experience than others. We want to be sure you know the unique personality and needs of each parrot before adoption can be considered.


  • Parakeets & Lovebirds: $25.00
  • Cockatiels: $50.00
  • Quakers: $75.00
  • Parrotlets & Indian Ringnecks: $100.00
  • Conures: $125.00
  • Senegals: $200.00
  • Lories: $200.00
  • Meyers: $200.00
  • Caiques: $200.00
  • Alexandrines: $200.00
  • Jardines: $250.00
  • Pionus: $250.00
  • Amazons: $250.00
  • Miniature Macaws (Hahns, Severe, Illigers, Yellow-Collared): $275.00
  • Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Bare-Eye): $275.00
  • Eclectus: $300.00
  • Large Cockatoos (Sulfur Crested, Citron, Triton): $350.00
  • African Greys: $350.00
  • Large Macaws: $375.00


  • All our birds have been to our board certified avian veterinarian. Each bird – regardless of size or species – has been given a full well bird check with either a full physical with a fecal gram stain and cultures or a physical with blood work (or both – this is determined by the veterinarian). Some birds have multiple veterinarian visits before they are placed up for adoption.
  • All our birds have either been converted to a healthy diet and, if needed, we will help you continue that process.
  • If the bird you are interested in adopting has its own cage, your adoption fee will include that cage. This is a value of anywhere from $50-$500, depending on the cage.
  • Your adoption includes any follow up phone and/or e-mail consultations for education, nutrition and behavior, if needed, at no charge.
  • Most important, your adoption fee pays for the next bird in need of a home—so your adoption fee saves the life of another!
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